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The Globe and Mail is the Official Cannes Lions Festival Representative in Canada

Cannes Lions
International Festival
of Creativity

Official Canadian Program Page

The Canadian Cannes Lions Advisory Board has the honour of submitting nominations to Lions as potential jurors for the 2024 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Nominations for the 2024 Cannes Lions Festival can be made by submitting a nomination form.  The Canadian Cannes Lions Advisory Board will review the submissions the week of November 6 and will notify those who will be put forward as official nominations to Lions before November 17.

In 2024, Lions has developed a new regional framework to ensure that global society is represented across all the juries. Within each region, each market has been allocated a selection of these spots based on their recent participation and success, with the remainder as wildcard places.

Canada is guaranteed 7 awarding jury positions and 2 shortlist* jury positions without specific category allocations.  Once all submissions have been made, Lions will determine which categories and candidates are best suited.  Lions feels this will provide more flexibility to select the best talent for each lion.

Please ensure you indicate the top 3 categories for your nomination and that the nominee would be available to travel to Cannes, France for the duration of judging during in June 2024.

Here’s a link to the Jury Weekplan here.


2024 Cannes Categories

  • Brand Experience & Activation
  • Creative B2B
  • Creative Business Transformation
  • Creative Data
  • Creative Commerce
  • Creative Effectiveness
  • Creative Strategy
  • Design
  • Digital Craft
  • Direct
  • Entertainment Lions
  • Entertainment Lions for Gaming
  • Entertainment Lions for Music
  • Entertainment Lions for Sport
  • Film Lions


  • Film Craft
  • Glass -The Lion for Change
  • Health & Wellness
  • Industry Craft
  • Innovation
  • Media
  • Mobile
  • Outdoor
  • Pharma
  • PR
  • Print & Publishing
  • Radio & Audio
  • Social and Influencer
  • Sustainable Development Goals
  • Titanium

In order to assist you with your nominations, please find category definitions and jury criteria HERE which will be useful in helping you understand the types of people we are looking for on each jury.

Thank you for your interest.  Nominations are now closed.

* shortlist jurors judge digitally to create the shortlist but do not partake in discussions in Cannes to award the Lions.

Any questions, please email Janette Mannette at