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What brands need to know about podcasting

COVID-19 has been a media disruptor, but podcasts have emerged as a relatively pandemic-proof way to reach a Canadian audience. As audio continues to explode in popularity, brands are eager to get into the space. But how do you know if a podcast is right for your company? How do you achieve your brand objectives without alienating listeners? And how do you pull it off during a global pandemic?

Globe Content Studio‘s Kiran Rana, executive producer of podcasts, was recently invited to speak to members of the Association of Canadian Advertisers (ACA) on the topic of building great podcasts, with Monica Bialobrzeski, creative lead. A journalist by trade, Kiran has worked in some of Canada’s biggest newsrooms across all mediums, and most recently she lead the production of The Globe’s acclaimed editorial and branded podcasts including Stress Test, Money Moves, and AI Meets World.

“Journalists and creatives are storytellers by trade – and always put the “story first.” Think carefully about what that story is – outline what would make it compelling, episode by episode,” she writes on the ACA blog. “And think about how this story can be told amid COVID-19 restrictions that may limit the ability for in-person recordings. Only after all of these steps should you consider how your brand fits within the story. This isn’t the medium for a 25-minute commercial.”

To read the full article, visit the ACA website.

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