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You Are The Best!

An Open Letter to ICA Member Agencies from Scott Knox, President & CEO, Institute of Communication Agencies

The last few weeks have been a challenge for our families, our agencies and our society.

You have responded by bringing your best every step of the way to respond to the COVID-19 crisis to innovate on behalf of the industry with gritty determination and a spirit of generosity.

Over the past weeks, the Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) member agencies have been a shining beacon on behalf of client brands, talent within our sector and our broader supplier network. You have allowed the ICA to open its doors to non-members across Canada to benefit from our online community, our representation of the industry to government and our advocacy for financial protections.

You have shared best practices and what is truly keeping you up at night while always being your authentic and amazing selves.

This crisis will end and when it does people will remember the agencies that showed their character and looked after their staff and their clients. ICA member agencies have been doing this since 1905 and continue to lead thanks to membership contributions of 118 agencies. They are a non-profit which means every dollar supports work for our community and our country.

The situation we are in is not easy, professionally or personally, but the compassion and resilience shown by our members leaves me in awe. There is no doubt we are stronger together and this is a benefit to your clients, your people and our economy.

Thank you for bringing your best when it matters most.


The Institute of Communication Agencies (ICA) is a non-profit association representing Canada’s advertising, marketing, media, & public relations agencies. The ICA’s mission is to positively amplify, protect, & transform the agency sector of the marketing communications industry. Advancing thought leadership, higher standards & best practices, the ICA serves its membership as a progressive source of information, advice, training, & advocacy.  ICA member agencies account for over 75 per cent of all national advertising in Canada, with an economic impact worth more than $19 billion annually. Follow the ICA on Twitter @ICACanada.


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