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Like millions of others, you may already be coming to The Globe for the vital information, perspective and advice on how to cope with the personal and professional challenges we’re all facing. 

In addition to massive demand for our news, business and investing coverage, we’re also seeing an unprecedented appetite for personal finance, parenting, arts and entertainment content. We’re providing high value for people of all ages and interests – helping us adapt to the new normal of physical isolation and working from home.

The Globe and Mail covid-19 coverage in newspaper and online

We’ve published a wealth of in-depth news, politics, business, investing and health analysis, in print and online.

We have granted free access to COVID-19 news stories for Canadians as an essential public service.

We’ve created a Coronavirus Information Centre and a dedicated Coronavirus Update daily newsletter to deliver the latest global, national and provincial statistics, with guidance on how to help slow the virus.

We’ve also launched Coronavirus Insights & Updates, an open, weekly call-in series, featuring Editor in Chief, David Walmsley, Globe Editors and experts Nicole MacIntyre, Deputy National Editor and science reporter, Ivan Semeniuk.

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Temporary product changes

Our mission and values could not be clearer – delivering the information Canadians need, when they need it and helping to make sense of the world around us. And, as we hear from our audiences – and their immediate challenges – we’re making a few temporary adjustments to our products.



For the short-term, we’ve stopped publishing Friday’s Drive newspaper section.

We have a range of alternative opportunities for advertisers to stay connected to audiences, and intend to return to this product soon.

On the weekend, we’ve combined Pursuits and Arts/Books into a single section, filling this section with relevant, uplifting lifestyle content that’s both engaging and helpful.

Report on Business magazine


Report on Business magazine moves to Saturdays.

With many professionals continuing to work from home, we’ve moved the distribution date for Report on Business magazine from Fridays to Saturdays.

The next issue publishes on Saturday, September 26.

Globe Style Advisor


Style Advisor magazine, is back with our 2020 Holiday edition. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to inspire our readers to dream about a festive season that is creative, full of opportunities to connect and feeds their passion for style.

The next issue publishes on Friday, November 20.

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Connecting you to Canada.

We’ve been seeing record-breaking engagement from Canadians coast-to-coast, emphasizing that, when facing a crisis, Canadians turn to the source they trust the most.

  • The Globe is the fastest growing Canadian news publisher
  • 7.3 Million Unique Visitors – up 24% (87% are mobile)
  • Total Page Views are up 15%
  • Time Spent (total minutes) are up 20%

The Globe Alliance network adds 11.3 Million more Unique Visitors to The Globe, making us the 3rd largest News & Information publisher overall, reaching 18.6 Million Canadians.

Source: Comscore MediaMetrix – comparing Feb 2020 with Dec 2019

In print, our home delivery circulation is on the rise. In-depth and informative, our coverage is strengthening our readership and quickly attracting new audiences. Subscriptions are the core of our business, highly valued by readers and we have the highest subscription rates of any publisher in Canada.

With the highest subscription rates of any publisher in Canada, we expect that overall readership and time spent with our printed product is now much higher, with everyone at home and seeking trusted news sources.

Our platforms are ready to ensure you stay connected to Canada. Our team are here to help, and will provide flexible options for your communications:

  • Changing the focus of your booked media to deliver supportive messaging to Canadians.
    If you need help to respond fast, our Creative Studio can help produce print and digital ads quickly for you.
  • Moving your media away from currently sensitive news topics and into a brand appropriate context.
    Select alternative content sections, Special Reports or custom content features.
  • Providing audience insights and recommendations to help manage your messaging effectively.
    Connect with your Globe representative to discuss your needs.

Take the next step.

Get complete information about how our platforms and products will keep you connected to Canada.










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