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Cannes Lions: Day 5 Wrap-Up

It’s Friday. Today we focus on the role of technology, the creator economy, and how to leave a long-lasting creative legacy.

In this edition:

  1. Checking in with Karen Howe
  2. Canada gets the Gold
  3. When technology and creativity collide
  4. Guest post
  5. Building long-term creative effectiveness
  6. How creators are rewriting the rules

Checking in with Karen Howe

It’s been a week dominated by social and media giants, and plenty of tech talk. How wonderful to spend the final day immersed in the work, and to recalibrate back to creativity.

My final session was with Josy Paul of BBDO India, whose topic was Empathy, Emotional Data, and Creativity.

Paul is a multi-Lion winner. #SharetheLoad for P&G is a campaign of his you are likely to be familiar with.

Paul feels that the nature of creative is changing, and the world is wracked by radical impatience. He feels we should approach what we do as emotional archeology.

To do so, we need to be an antenna. Our current formal briefing structure is often too transactional to result in meaningful work.

Instead, Paul espouses just talking and employing deep listening to find empathy – which he calls emotional data. We should strive to be a DJ of thoughts. And instead of pushing to sell someone, look for truth, which sells itself.

In the end, we are all human. Therefore, our universal currency is feeling. What a perfect thought to end a week spent on the world’s stage of creativity.

-Karen Howe is the creative director and founder of The Township Group

Canada continues to bring home the gold

Juniper Park\TBWA’s ‘Signal For Help,’ created for the Canadian Women’s Foundation took Gold in the category aimed at fighting issues of inequality and prejudice. It was one of only eight Lions awarded by this year’s Glass Lions jury. Read more here.

The collision of technology and creativity

David Droga and Lauren Walker of Accenture Song talk about how ideas become possibilities. Keep reading here.

Still going strong

Star Trek’s enduring legacy is 55+ years strong due to its commitment to telling stories that champion diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and hope for a brighter future. Read more here.

How creators are rewriting the rules of engagement

More than ever, creators are bringing their audiences into their worlds’ through entertainment and brand collaboration to build communities around rich and diverse passions. Keep reading here.

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