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How creators are rewriting the rules of engagement

More than ever, creators are bringing their audiences into their worlds’ through entertainment and brand collaboration to build communities around rich and diverse passions.


In this Q&A, content creators Fernanda Foquinha, Spartakus Santiago, and Pele Newell talk about how creators and brands can co-create entertainment to drive business impact. 

What are you looking for when working with a brand?

Spartakus: I’m looking for exciting ideas and creative projects. I’m looking for a brand to understand I’m I’m a human being and not a content machine. I need to have the creative power these way to decide the way I want to communicate things because  I know my audience and I know how to deliver the message.

What’s a red flag when it comes to collaborations?

Fernanda: A red flag for me is when a brand tries to force the content. It’s a partnership and I’m a creator. We are not robots, so we need to have time to talk and create the job together with the brand.

How can brands evolve the way they partner with creators?

Pele: It’s all about getting the creative there right from the brief, rather than getting it at the end product. Bring them along to discussion and concept ideas and it brings the concept to life. It also generates more sales because the creator is way more involved in that process.

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