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Still going strong: building long-term creative effectiveness

Star Trek’s enduring legacy is 55+ years strong due to its commitment to telling stories that champion diversity, inclusion, acceptance, and hope for a brighter future. 

In this behind-the-scenes Q&A, David Stapf, president of CBS Studios, and the iconic Sir Patrick Stewart discuss how the lasting global franchise has maintained and reignited meaningful connections with fans all over the world for decades through the power of creative storytelling.

What’s the message you want the audience to hear and act on from your talk?

Patrick: Given the way the show has developed and how we have been telling our story of Picard, I want them to see in life enthusiasm, empathy, association, liberty, and a free society. It still remains fundamental to Star Trek today as it did when Gene Roddenberry wrote his first episode.

How much do you think acceptance and inclusion have to be at the heart of all brands now?

David: I think it’s critical. It’s the world that we live in and the world we strive to live it. The world should be inclusive of all. I don’t see the merit in not including that in all of our storytelling.

How can you create work or a brand that lasts generations? You’ve already done it but is there a magic formula?

Patrick: Not magic, no. I think you have to find engaging material that attracts people and then by its content – whether it’s complex or humorous or strong narrative – that will hold people and bring them back again and again?

What will be the next big change in television creativity that ad creatives need to be on top of? 

David: It’d be much richer if I could identify what the next big change we can be. But I will say that as executives and advertising, we need to be open to whatever that change will be.

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