Wendy Turner, Ogilvy Health Canada

Wendy is the Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy Health, Canada, where she has spent the last 6 years helping grow the agency into a major creative healthcare force. Her career spans over 25 years, beginning as a medical illustrator and evolving through art director and creative director positions for a diverse assortment of successful independent and global agencies. Wendy’s creative work has touched on practically every therapeutic category and stakeholder over the years and has led to multiple international awards, including two prestigious Grand Globals. She has delivered high-profile pharmaceutical HCP and DTC advertising campaigns, locally and internationally, for companies including Merck, Novartis, Bayer, and Pfizer. She has also worked hard to maintain the ever-elusive work/life balance along the way, for herself and her teams, with a personal focus on children in her life – as a volunteer for a decade with Big Sisters, and as a dedicated mother to two inspiring daughters. Wendy is a leader who emphasizes collaboration across all positions at Ogilvy and has passionately nurtured and pursued one goal her entire career: to help change the face of healthcare marketing by injecting compassion and creativity into every challenge she is given.