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Sixty Five changes Retirement from an end to a beginning

How do Canadians successfully plan for a fulfilling retirement? How can they creatively spend their time? What are the best ways to manage their money? 

The Globe and Mail’s new Sixty Five hub,, was created to provide clear information about the best retirement choices to go confidently into the future. Created by Globe Content Studio, in partnership with Purpose Investments, Sixty Five offers a different view on retirement, approaching it as a beginning rather than an end.

Sixty Five changes Retirement from an end to a beginning

The initial stories cover wellness, hobbies, entrepreneurship, fitness, investing and family planning, with future topics being informed by data from Sophi, The Globe’s proprietary AI-powered audience insights, content automation and optimization platform, that informs our editors about content that will be most valued by readers.

Sixty Five delivers a wealth of contextually-relevant editorial content for Purpose’s new low-cost mutual fund Longevity, raising awareness among target consumers who are interested in trusted and insightful retirement information.

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