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Innovation is everywhere. It’s a mindset!

At this year’s Media Innovation Awards on November 28, CMDC is delighted to present Strategy Magazine’s new Establishment Media Award.

The Award is part of our celebration of the best, bravest, brightest work and talent from across Canada. This is an opportunity to recognize all of the extraordinary players across the entire media landscape: from strategists to marketers, creatives to data scientists.

According to a recent Gartner study, innovation represents one out of every six marketing dollars spent. Moreover, 63% of marketer’s report that their innovation investment will increase next year. In our media agency industry, we are in our element. This business has always been about data and creativity, doing things better, fresher, and ever more inspiring. Innovation is in the medium; teams are poised to deliver new, high value ideas and platforms that resonate with audiences. Media agencies are jam-packed with unique skills to advise, unite, and empower brands to aim in the right direction and to get moving forward, faster.

Brand innovation today is also much more than a new product, or a new good story. Building meaningful, lasting relationships is a relentless evolution. From enhancing long-standing client-agency partnerships to finding the competitive advantage that drives customer loyalty, exploring every avenue possible is necessary to secure sustainable growth for all. This can only be good news for advertisers. Business is getting more personal and connected; our media leaders have shifted their business models to focus on strong, trusted relationships with partners, customers and marketers and employees.

Could the timing be more perfect? Right now, eyes are on Canada. The world sees clearly that we are looking forward. We are speeding ahead, expanding tech and innovation labs. We are indeed a destination for diversity in thinking, creativity and a collaborative culture.

This year, we are presenting Strategy Magazine’s new Establishment Media Award at this year’s MIA’s. The recipient will be someone that we characterize as the quintessential innovator by definition. Someone unstoppable. Someone who has demonstrated stamina and commitment. Someone who has been curious and dedicated to worthwhile accomplishment.

As part of our CMDC Youth Ambassador Program, we continue to foster and inspire the next generation of leaders and are delighted to present this distinguished award. Let’s applaud those who have transcended the norm and reached for and grasped the title of innovators. Congratulations to all.

See you at the MIA’s next week!

Shannon Lewis

President of the Canadian Media Directors’ Council

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