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What’s the value of creative effectiveness?

In advance of the 2020 Effies Canada Creative Effectiveness Summit, we spoke with creative and marketing leaders about the value of creativity and how it contributes to long-term brand-building.

Globe Media Group is proud to be a partner of the 2020 Effies Creative Effectiveness Summit, helping to shine a light on the value of creativity in driving business forward. With the ICA, we spoke with members of the 2020 Effies Canada steering committee and asked them their thoughts on the impact of creativity, brand-building, working with partners, and more. 

The video features steering committee members: 

  • Arthur Fleischmann, Group CEO, Ogilvy and John St. 
  • Jill Nykoliation, CEO, Juniper Park\TBWA
  • Heather Nobes, Senior Director, Marketing and Sponsorships, VISA
  • Cheryl Grishkewich, Vice President, Control Brand Marketing, Loblaw

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