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Unconventional materials, unforgettable Minis

A global Mini shortage led to a DIY revolution, where enthusiasts crafted Minis out of unconventional materials like pasta and duct tape.

Automotive is a notoriously tough category at Cannes Lions. One made notoriously tougher by global supply chain issues affecting auto production. But when life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or in this case, you make your own Mini … out of lemons. The shortage of Minis spurred the DIY Mini phenomenon resulting in Minis crafted using unconventional materials such as pasta, duct tape, and yarn. This grassroots movement paved the way for the ingenious TikTok-centered campaign known as the “Don’t Do it Yourself Department.”

Lessons learned?

  • Adversity sparks ingenuity: The Mini shortage prompted enthusiasts to get creative, building their own Minis out of unconventional materials.
  • Grassroots movements drive impact: The DIY Mini phenomenon started small but gained momentum, inspiring and capturing attention along the way.
  • Harnessing social: The “Don’t Do it Yourself Department” campaign leveraged TikTok’s popularity to reach a wider audience and create excitement.
  • Unconventional ideas leave a lasting impression: Crafting Minis from pasta and other unexpected materials not only piqued curiosity but symbolized resilience and resourcefulness.

The DIY Mini movement and “Don’t Do it Yourself Department” campaign show the power of turning challenges into opportunities.

Karen Howe


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