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An update for advertisers regarding COVID-19

The growing challenges of COVID-19 has everyone feeling concerned, especially as we face changes to our daily routines and intensive pressure on our businesses. Here are the steps The Globe and Mail is taking to meet the needs of Canadians and our business partners in this unprecedented time.

As Canada’s trusted source of news, we know millions of Canadians are relying on The Globe for vital information, perspective and guidance on how to cope with the personal and professional challenges we’re all facing. 

Our journalists are working around the clock to meet that demand. We are ensuring that Canadians have the most accurate information possible, that each story is factual and informative. This effort, includes producing in-depth explainers covering public-health recommendations, travel advisories and government responses, news coverage of cases in Canada and beyond, expert opinion pieces, and more.

In the interest of public health and safety, we dropped our paywall on all coronavirus news stories and launched a free, daily coronavirus newsletter called Coronavirus Update. You can sign up for that here

We are confident that our journalism is playing a critical role in helping people make informed decisions. This confidence extends to our unwavering support of your business needs. We are committed to:

  • Keeping you connected to Canadians, and delivering your advertising and key messages over the weeks ahead;
  • Maintaining the ongoing health and safety of our advertising team to ensure business continuity; and
  • Delivering flexibility where needed — please reach out to your account manager if you need to adjust your current bookings and upcoming campaigns.

Beyond the immediate priorities of keeping your families and friends, colleagues and communities safe, we offer our support, flexibility, and understanding to help manage the health and peace of mind of all Canadian businesses. While we are all facing significant impact on our businesses in the short term, it’s clear that working together is critical to weathering this storm and to hasten our collective recovery.

More than ever, The Globe remains focused on supporting you and your business.

An update for advertisers regarding COVID-19

Andrew Saunders
Chief Revenue Officer, The Globe and Mail

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