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It’s not job-hopping, it’s skill building

Bozoma Saint John on why the ad industry is in trouble and why job-hopping isn’t as bad as you think.


In this behind-the-scenes Q&A, marketing executive, author and entrepreneur Bozoma Saint John discusses skill building in the ad industry. 

What message do you want the audience and act on from your talk?

Bozoma: I want them to live an urgent life. Do it right now.

What is the one thing the industry should worry about right now?

Bozoma: The industry’s in a bit of trouble with talent. We’ve groomed people to do one thing. Our talent now aren’t multi-hyphenates. They don’t have experience to do multiple things. We need that to be more creative.

Would a more open approach to job-hopping have a positive impact on the industry?

Bozoma: Why do we criticize people for leaving their jobs? Let’s be more open. Let’s change the narrative.

Should businesses aim to lock in existing talent or keep a flow of fresh talent coming in?

Bozoma: This is tough because I do believe in helping talent grow in their skill but we have to be aware when an employee has reached their capacity of that learning. We want people to develop, to grow, experience new things. Perhaps our businesses should be more aware of not letting people stagnate.

What do you say to someone who feels like they owe it to their company to stay at their job?

Bozoma: No. You don’t owe it to the company to stay in your job. You owe it to yourself to become more skillful. Drop the mic on that one.

What’s your definition of creativity?

Bozoma: Being your whole badass self.

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