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Ipsos unveils the 2021 Most Influential Brands in Canada

What brands do Canadians love? Ipsos has released its eleventh annual Top 10 Most Influential Brands in Canada. The study ranks brands according to their influence and this year’s study polled a representative sample of over 6,000 Canadians. Survey findings were analyzed geographically, by gender and across generations including Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z.

While the Top 10 brands have remained relatively stable over the past ten years, those that are technology-focused continue to be very influential—in fact, 2021 was a spectacular year for big tech.

Steve Levy from Ipsos announced the 2021 Top 10 Most Influential Brands at a recent virtual event, sharing how this year’s brands achieved their status and why they’re influential.

“Canada’s most influential brands have needed to adapt, be resilient and provide assistance in new and different ways. Their edgy, unconventional and in some cases supportive nature is what makes them stand out in a crowded, competitive marketplace,” observed Mr. Levy. “They influence how we dress, communicate, shop, spend our free time, celebrate, socialize and since 2020 stay safe.”

The Most Influential Brands study examines five key dimensions that drive the most influential brands in Canada: trustworthiness, presence, being leading edge, corporate citizenship and engagement. With the unprecedented shift in consumer behaviour driven by COVID-19, a sixth dimension was added in 2020 and retained in 2021– COVID which reflected the help, sincerity and caring that some brands demonstrated. 

“Over the past two years, we’ve seen consumers increasingly expect brands to exert more influence beyond sharing their beliefs and values to contributing to the greater social good. This year’s brands highlight what brands are doing it right and provide insight into where consumer expectations could be headed” said Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, the Globe and Mail, a sponsor of the virtual event.

Last year’s big learn: brands that listened to their customers and found ways to respond through digital and service innovation were rewarded with loyalty and increased influence. Here are the lessons marketers can take away from the 2021 Most Influential Brands report:

  1. New technology and media brands are still dominant from an influence perspective
  2. Products, solutions and advertising that intersect in relevant ways are most likely to have influence
  3. Brand influence does differ by generation
  4. Very difficult for local brands to attain and retain a top 10 ranking – they don’t have the scale, scope and access to capital and talent that global brands do (when we do see a local brand in the top 10 it’s special)
  5. Of course innovation matters, it’s anchored in systems and helpfulness really matters
  6. Trust is important and has always been important, but more than that, brands that are seen as earning the public’s trust is a differentiator

To read the Ipsos report and get details on how the top brands made the list click here.

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Missed the virtual event? Watch the Top 10 Brands of 2021 as presented by Steve Levy from Ipsos Canada.

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