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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Drain hair re-imagined.
Drain hair re-imagined.

I believe that’s what all these works have in common and it’s what makes them so powerful. When I spoke with people about press and their thoughts it was clear that this was one of the most rewarding yet insanely difficult categories to break through. The message had to be encapsulated in one single moment. You don’t have the luxury of interacting with people to build your story or get your point across. It needs to be done with one visual and (at times) with one line of copy.


photo 2



The message from Slow Food here is clear: you eat what your food eats. An organization that is dedicated to educating and building their program across the US.


photo 4

Santher, a paper based consumer packaged goods company in Brazil hits home with a feeling I’m sure many new parents have with their children.

photo 3


I love this one from TBWA because I never would have thought of my liquid paper as as a hero to the many villains that are spelling errors on my page.


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