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Cannes: Closing remarks

The mentality was the same across the board. Through a breath of awe they would say “I want to do work like that”. I would be surprised when I would hear those words uttered by people who have been in the industry for decades, have their own trophy cabinets filled with Lions and continue to create work that sets industry trends. The relentless search and continued drive to push creative to truly inspiring levels is never ending. There were multiple factors that I heard from individuals as to what it takes to make Cannes worthy creative however the final component is one that no one can create a formula for: magic.

There’s a certain level of magic that needs to go into the creative. Yes, the insight needs to be a human truth, one that you can have a visceral reaction to. Strong creative is inherently tied to a strong emotion. Yes the product tie needs to be seamless and make sense. Consumers are smart, they can smell bullshit. And yes, you’re solving an old problem in a new way. Remove all the constraints that you would ordinarily put on yourself; how can you build this from scratch? However in order for a piece of creative to truly go global, have an impact and be carried on for years to come it was agreed that there has to be a little bit of magic. Steve Moffat (writer producer on Doctor Who) talked about how if everyone knew what it took to make a global phenomenon they would all do it. No one would waste their time on making something that would fail. Everyone I met was truly humble and carried a certain sense of humility about them when it came to their work. Yes it was brilliant, but if they could do it all over again they would have changed one last thing.

It’s difficult to explain what the Cannes experience is unless you see and live it for yourself. What I can honestly say though is that the festival itself carries a sense of magic to it. It easily explains why people from around the globe gather year after year to celebrate, learn and connect with one another and why they can have the same enthusiasm at their 20th Cannes (yes I met them) as those there for their first. I cannot say thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime. My dream is to come back to be part of the team who creates something completely re-imagined, fearless and impactful.

Thank you.

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