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2020 in the news

For every Canadian, life changed dramatically in 2020 with the emergence of COVID-19.

For The Globe and Mail, it’s been a year of journalists working around the clock to meet Canada’s demand for our news and information, insights and perspective. To help inform people from coast-to-coast – from breaking news to business and world affairs, social justice and politics, to physical and mental health – we mobilized all of our resources to deliver the best coverage on all of the key issues.

In recent weeks, the covid story has shifted to the imminent promise of vaccine availability. It’s been encouraging that human ingenuity and innovation are now building optimism that 2021 represents a path towards recovery. And, while it will still be some time before we can restore the quality of lifestyle and freedoms we cherish, by working together and continuing to support each other, we will get there.

As we head to the end of a complex and challenging year, here are highlights from our journalism– as selected by our editorial team.

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