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Young Media in Cannesada

By Megan Metzak – National Account Manager, Olive Media & Celia Gibb – Senior Communications Strategist, M2 Universal

Hi to all of you from the Canadian young lions media team in sunny Cannes!

From the moment you arrive in Cannes, you know this place is special.

Before the festival begins Le Croisette is bustling with beaches being transformed into all things amazing, courtesy of Google, Facebook and Microsoft (to name a few). Booths are being completed and the boardwalk changes into what we would argue to be the most amazing place to meet people, network and soak in the experience the words really can’t describe.

The young lions media competition kicked off on Sunday morning. At 11am we were briefed by the client of Malaria No More UK, with an absolutely amazing brief. The goal? Reach major businesses and high net worth individuals to raise 10 million pounds and significantly reduce malaria related deaths by 90% by the year 2030 and eliminate it by 2040 with one global execution.  This was not an easy case and really pushed us to think outside the box and do something completely different. We took a huge risk.

Our idea was based on the insight of building a legacy with a purpose. From the time you are born until the time you die the dash between the years is the mark you make. How you do it is how you will be remembered.

In order to reach these people we created a stock. The DASH stock sold exclusively to key partners on the London Stock Exchange (named the DASHboard) These partners would bring resources and networks that would essentially push forward tactics to support an IPO and launch publically to raise 10 million pounds.

We’re proud to say it paid off. We won Canada’s first silver medal in media and we are so excited to be sharing it with all of you!

Best of luck to the rest of the young lions competing.

-Megan and Celia

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