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When building social channels, take a cue from startups

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Starting fresh can be liberating, of course. Rules can be broken and standards set. But that same sense of possibility can be daunting given the speed of change.

When crafting the social media plan for the Globe Studio, these are the three things we try to keep in mind:

Quality counts. One of the first things we considered was The Globe and Mail’s value proposition; that is, to provide readers with to readers is to provide insightful, informative and personally relevant journalism. Therefore, it goes without saying that the content we share on our commercial accounts should be as strong as anything else that is promoted on our site. The minute we lower than standard, it’s game over for all of us.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. The second thing we did was consider how a startup would tackle the challenge of launching its social program. As a small unit operating in an emerging field, speed and innovation are critical to survival. We also have to be open to changing courses based on feedback. By testing out different formats, time of day and topics, we’re starting to get a better understanding of what resonates with users and what doesn’t. 

Be persistent. Finally, when building out your social program, it’s important to keep plugging away – even if efforts seem futile. Our team understands that followers and high engagement numbers won’t happen over night, but so long as we continue to upload our quality standards and continue to experiment, results will come.

Katherine Scarrow is the digital strategist of Globe Content Studio. Follow her @scarrowk.

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