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WestJet Q&A after picking up Cannes Bronze

As Canada’s official Cannes Lions representative, The Globe had the honour of presenting WestJet with their  Bronze Lions award for their Christmas Miracle: Real Time Giving video.   We took some time to speak with Corey Evens, WestJet’s Manager of Sponsorship, Community Investment and Experiential Marketing about the award and the Cannes experience.

  • What were the key elements that lead you to winning the Bronze Lions?
    • I think the key elements that lead us to win in Cannes was the combination of traditional story telling that allowed people to imagine what it would have been like to be there and wish they were combined with some newer Experiential elements that caught people’s  attention, like the virtual Santa box.


  • How has this win resonated through the company?
    • Winning a Cannes Lion has been a great point of pride for the entire team and organization.  When you challenge your team to do their jobs at the highest level it is a nice tip of the hat that judges from all over the world recognize your efforts.  The first thing everyone says is those Lions are heavy and it’s true.


  • How was your experience in Cannes?
    • Cannes was an amazing experience for me.  I enjoyed every aspect of the week from the sessions, seeing all the work and meeting people from all over the world.  There is an energy in Cannes that comes from being a small part of a very long tradition.  I’ll never compete in an Olympics games but I feel on some small level it feels a bit like Cannes.


  • What would you say to other Senior Marketers about the experience of attending Cannes?
    • Cannes was an amazing experience personally but I also learned an amazing amount from seeing all the work from all over the world.  It is a must for any marketer. Everyone should go the Cannes at least once whether you are in the running or not.


  • How have you been involved with supporting the Globe and Mail’s Young Marketers competition….or what would you say to the YM community about entering and potentially winning the opportunity to compete in Cannes?
    • To the YM community competing to get to Cannes is an opportunity you should not pass on.  Testing yourself is always fun but getting to attend the festival in Cannes is an experience that many in our industry will never experience.  It won’t be easy to win but no one ever won a Lion by taking the easy way.


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