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The Globe and Mail wins three Jack Webster Awards

Three Vancouver-based reporters from The Globe and Mail are among the winners of this year’s Jack Webster Awards, which recognize journalism excellence in British Columbia.

Globe reporter Kathy Tomlinson won in the Best News Reporting of the Year, Print category, for her investigative reports about problems in the B.C. real estate industry.

Globe reporter Andrea Woo won for Excellence in Digital Journalism for her work on the deadly impact of fentanyl abuse.

Also, Mike Hager’s articles about medical marijuana earned him the Webster Business, Industry and Economics Award.

“The Globe and Mail is committed to bringing the strongest journalism to all parts of Canada. These wins at the annual Webster Awards recognize that commitment,” Globe editor-in-chief David Walmsley said. “We are very proud of our team in Vancouver and are particularly grateful for the recognition afforded our investigative work into the B.C. real estate file and the fentanyl and medical marijuana issues.”

The Globe tied with the CBC for most wins in 2016. The Globe also won three Websters in 2015.

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