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Vividata shows The Globe is #1 in News and Business

Last week, Vividata (the amalgamated organization of NADbank and Print Measurement Bureau – PMB), released its Q4 2015 readership study. The research confirms The Globe and Mail’s position as Canada’s leading national source of news and business content, with the highest weekly print/digital national and digital audience.


Attracting the largest readership

The Vividata Q4 2015 study reveals that The Globe attracted a national readership (Globe weekly newspaper, Globe weekly digital, Report on Business magazine print/digital) of over 7.7 million. In addition, the study reveals we have the largest national weekly digital readership of any measured brand at 5.6 million.

Interestingly, across all platforms, younger readers are our largest group:



Delivering your ideal audience

According to Vividata, The Globe’s readership is higher than any measured brand in all of the key demographic areas: University grads, MOPES, HHI $100k+, Business Decision Makers.



Number one in news and business

Report on Business magazine has the largest readership of any other business magazine (1,127,000), digital readership (758,000), and print/digital footprint (1,484,000).

We also lead all other business magazines in all of the key demographic categories we’ve highlighted above.

Learn more in this Globe article.

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