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The Globe adopts The Washington Post’s Arc publishing technology

We’re excited to announce that we will become the largest North American media outlet to adopt The Washington Post’s Arc Publishing technology, with efforts to transition The Globe to the new platform starting immediately. Designed and built by The Washington Post, Arc is a flexible technology platform specifically built for digital storytelling that handles stories, rich media, apps, video and personalization, optimizing them for deployment to different channels – including desktop, large or small tablets, mobile phones and distributed social platforms.

The Post’s Arc Publishing system will enable The Globe to create, deploy and track content more quickly and efficiently, and focus our technological innovation on digital storytelling and data gathering.

“This partnership reflects the future of publishing – one that harnesses technology and analytics to enable audience-focused storytelling based on data science,” said Phillip Crawley, Publisher & CEO of The Globe and Mail. “In The Washington Post we’ve found a partner that not only shares our vision, but has emerged as a world leader in supporting modern publishers through digital innovation.”

With Arc we will be able to focus on what we do best – world-class storytelling, data gathering and analysis, and innovation. The change will touch everyone, from writers and editors, to the reader who wants to finds a great story to read and share, and will create new opportunities for the advertising clients who want to reach the readers most interested in their products.

In addition to adopting the new platform, The Globe will also continue to collaborate with The Post’s Arc team to co-develop new modules aimed at further expanding the system’s capabilities.

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