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The Exhibition

I need to start off by saying: I can’t believe I’m here. I have such a massive passion for the communication arts and the compelling stories they tell and here I am in the south of France salivating over the seminars and celebrating the best in the industry. BOOM. Mind, blown.

Since this is like the Oscars of the marketing world there’s a massive exhibition set up to show all the work that’s been nominated over the past year.  It took me nearly two hours to “quickly” walk through the work. This is not a place to go and browse. Everything is attention grabbing, many are thought provoking make you snap your fingers in realization or just make you laugh out loud. Thankfully everyone is in the same boat and as you’re walking through the exhibit you’ll hear the occasional snap of a finger, camera or chuckle.

The beautiful picture you see above that you won’t be able to read anything on is for a pop up shop for The Walking Dead (a personal favorite). The first store where everything purchased was with blood donations. While I’m not super keen on needles I thought this was a brilliant example of using a brand to tie back to a cause that makes sense and in a way that people will want to engage with it. Want to know how many Walking Dead fans would donate blood for free memorabilia? Enough to spike blood donations by 571%, not too shabby.

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