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Nivea takes Protection to the next level with “Sun Band”


One of the pieces that stood out to me the most in the Media category was Nivea’s “Sun Band.” Moms have more than just the sun to worry about when taking their children to the beach; they also need to worry about their little ones wandering off when they’re not looking.  Introducing a brilliant print-and-mobile execution that takes protection to a whole new level. This Nivea print ad, created by FCB Brazil allows you to tear off a wearable bracelet that contains a unique code, wrap it around your child’s arm, which you can then download an app that alerts you if your child wanders outside a safe zone that you can preset. What makes me love this execution so much is that it truly creates brand love. As marketers, it is often easy to adapt global assets, translate the copy into French, and shoot them off to local publications. However, if we were to pause for a moment and think about ways we can go beyond screaming key benefits and claims on a page, we can perhaps tap into new insights that allow our brands to serve a purpose beyond product benefits and create value in people’s lives. 

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