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New Porsche 360 video campaign

Last week we launched a new campaign for Porsche Canada, featuring the power of 360 video technology.

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Across our desktop and mobile site and our Globe Alliance partners, we’re delivering a series of engaging video creative that people can explore in 3 dimensions.

By physically moving their phone, touching the screen or, using a immersive virtual reality headset like Google Cardboard, viewers can explore a series of video stories.

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Porsche 360 ad campaign



Experience the Porsche 360 video on mobile.

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For the most immersive experience, scan the QR code and use a headset like Google Cardboard. For more about how that works view Google’s site. If you don’t have Google Cardboard, you can still view the VR video, within the advertising creative.

You can also view the campaign on your desktop or launch the 360 video in full screen mode.
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The ads were developed in collaboration with Porsche’s agency, PHD and produced by our Globe Digital Studio.

For more information about this campaign and developing innovative new programs for your brand, please contact your Globe representative.

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