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How the Globe Auction helps drive retail sales

In early May, The Globe launched our new auction website. We designed it to be the perfect platform to sell your products to our affluent, responsive readers and to provide a double benefit, rewarding your participation with advertising media that builds your brand and generates revenue.

How beneficial was it for advertisers? Here’s Clayton Anderson, VP Marketing and Product, Adventure Canada, tell you from their point-of-view.

clayton-anderson“We usually scale back our advertising during the summer, but after a successful Globe Auction this year, we not only increased our frequency during that period, but the size of our ads as well.

This summer, we generated almost three times our typical revenue.

Thanks Globe!”


Don’t miss the November auction

The deadline entering our next auction is Friday, November 4.

To participate in the Globe Auction, visit our information page and contact your Globe representative today.

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