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The Globe and Mail tops Vividata’s Q2 readership rankings

We’re proud to announce The Globe and Mail and Report on Business magazine remain the most-read news and business brands, as measured by Vividata, who released their Q2 readership data, yesterday.

It’s a reflection of our ongoing investment in providing Canada’s leading news and business journalism, enabling us to meet the needs and demands of both our readers and our advertisers.


  • Total Globe brand readership is now 7 million
    (Our weekly newspaperdigital and Report on Business magazine – print and digital – readers)
  • Our weekly footprint (print and digital) is 6.6 million  larger than any other measured brand
  • Weekly digital readership is now 4.3 million
  • Weekday print readership is up 8% to 1.3 million (vs. Q1 2016)
  • Saturday print readership is up 5% to 1.9 million


  • Our weekly footprint is 3.4 million
  • Weekly digital readership is 2.2 million in Ontario
  • Weekday print readership is up 8% to 719,000
  • Saturday print readership is up 4% to 992,000

Report on Business magazine

  • We continue to dominate the category with the largest print and digital footprint of 1.6 million
  • It’s still #1 in print, attracting 1.1 million readers

In addition, we continue to deliver audience strength in key demographics like MOPEs, University+, HHI $100k+ and Business Decision Makers.

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