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Globe Metrics

Perfect your campaign performance

Ultimately, a campaign is only as good as the results it delivers. That’s why we provide essential planning, deployment and measurement tools to help ensure your success.

Globe Metrics is our suite of pre-, during and post-campaign metrics allow us to deliver on KPIs far beyond the click and results across brand measures, engagement levels, audience composition, interests and tastes.

Ensuring you reach more of your target

Globe Metrics

Deep audience insights ensure your campaign is driven by your target’s interests, behaviour and propensity to react.

Optimizing your marketing tactics

Globe Metrics

Monitor campaign performance to determine the ideal sites, sections and audience segments to optimize your program delivery.

Providing the greatest impact

Globe Metrics

Together, we review and refine your strategy, based on your campaign exposure, viewability and response.

Access deep digital campaign insights

Globe Metrics

To help you deliver and track your Digital advertising more effectively, we became the first Canadian publisher to offer MOAT Analytics across our online properties.

Moving far beyond basic impressions and click measurement, MOAT provides 25 vital insights into the effectiveness of your creative, including In-View Rate, In-View Time, Attention Quality, Time to Touch.

Globe Metrics

The insights enable optimization of brand tactics and creative by clearly highlighting what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to make refinements during your campaign. Access to MOAT analytics is included as part of sponsorship campaigns across our sites and our Globe Alliance properties.

Contact us

Your Globe team is always available to help explore our readers’ interests and behaviours, determining the perfect campaign tactics – based on your KPIs – and enhancing your campaign for maximum effectiveness.

To learn more about how we can make the most of your print and digital campaigns, please get in touch.

Globe Metrics

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