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Globe Insiders: Travel research study

Globe readership insights
Travel during COVID-19 
Research study –
June 2020

After months of following stay-at-home guidelines and observing travel restrictions, the various levels of government across the country are now initiating re-opening stages.  

To gain insights into how Globe readers have adapted their vacation and travel plans during the COVID-19 crisis, we deployed a survey to Globe Insiders, our audience intelligence panel of print and digital readers.

As people explore plans for the summer, and as our transition into post-lockdown life continues, we asked how our readers are feeling, reacting and changing their typical behaviours, specifically looking at leisure/vacation travel.

Explore our highlights to inform how you can respond to consumer needs, during Canada’s recovery phase.

How has COVID-19 influenced Globe readers’ vacation intentions?

While many Canadians are hesitant to travel far, our audience has shown a strong desire to make sure they have an enjoyable summer, either by travelling in Canada, staying at a cottage or having a staycation at home.

Won’t vacation far until the virus is contained
or there's a vaccine

Are happy to have a stay-cation to
avoid any risks

37% - 37 per cent

Need a vacation
away, now more
than ever

Plan to vacation in Canada, out of their home province

Only want to travel within their
own province

Want Covid-19 insurance before International/US travel

What would persuade them to book a vacation this year?


Globe Insiders: Travel research study
Slowdown of Covid-19 spread and easing of travel restrictions


Globe Insiders: Travel research study
Flexibility to change plans without penalty or change fees


Globe Insiders: Travel research study
Assurance from airlines and accommodation providers that they’re following all safety guidelines

When are our readers considering taking an “away” vacation?

Within Canada

1-3 months

In the next month


When outbreak has ended/vaccine available

In a year or more


When outbreak has ended/vaccine available

In a year or more

How can travel companies and tourism organizations reassure customers?

The challenge

Globe Insiders: Travel research study

The pandemic has obviously had a dramatic impact on the travel industry and Canadians’ travel plans, with 8 of 10 readers having had to either delay or cancel their planned vacations.

However, with most regions of our country entering the advanced stages of recovery, it’s time to help people start dreaming… and planning.

If your brand or destination have understandably scaled back or paused your marketing spend, how can you ensure your destination is top of mind with people who are now planning trips?

What customers want

Globe Insiders: Travel research study

Canadians want – and need – to begin travelling again. They’re looking for safe and rewarding experiences – initially at home, and eventually, globally that satisfy their need to experience other cultures. 

In good news for Canadian tourism, the majority of readers plan to vacation in Canada before the end of the year, some within their own province, but many exploring other provinces and territories.

The bad news for USA and International destinations is that readers are reluctant to travel outside our borders for some time.

How to attract travelers

Globe Insiders: Travel research study

It’s essential to maintain a presence that boosts the appeal of your destination, enabling people to see and experience the highlights from the comfort and safety of their homes. 

Ensure your messaging and website are fully up-to-date with the latest travel information, along with highlighting how your guidelines are keeping your community safe. Showcase what’s open and feature profiles of generous residents and people maintaining essential services like grocery stores, pharmacies, and healthcare.

Capture the attention of travel prospects in custom content to showcase the unique appeal of your region and communities.


On June 24, Globe Content Studio hosted a discussion with advertisers and marketers from travel and hospitality brands to share ideas, best practices and inspiration for these challenging times and beyond.

We also asked our audience about the societal, financial and lifestyle impacts they’re experiencing; who they’re turning to for trusted information about the pandemic, and their opinions about the types of communication that brands currently have in the media.

For more information from this study or the Globe Insiders Panel, please contact:

Andrew Consky
Head of Research and Media Insights

Irene Corke
Manager, Media Strategy Team

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Globe Insiders: Travel research study

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