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Globe Drive Getting There Podcast

Inspire Canadians with stories about great destinations and the epic journeys to get there

Crafted especially for Canadians who love to explore and are dreaming and planning for their next epic road trip, this editorial podcast from Globe Drive will explore the themes of journeys, destinations and the process of getting there through personal narratives, reported stories and interviews.

This podcast will appeal to a wide range of people who love to get out and about and travel. Build your band connection to our engaged and responsive audiences as the exclusive sponsor of our print and digital content, and our custom editorial podcast opportunity.

Build your connection to Canadians ready to get out there

As Canadians begin to emerge from lockdown, they’re ready to explore, reach for new adventures and appreciate the great outdoors – even if it’s to liven up a daily commute.

We’ll promote your exclusive brand sponsorship with a powerful, comprehensive 12-week marketing partnership, featuring:

  • Globe Editorial Podcast Sponsorship (5 episodes) with ‘Brought to You by’ and supplied pre/mid-roll advertising
  • Editorial Podcast promotion across our site, in Globe Newspaper brand ads and enhanced in The Globe’s newsletters and social platforms.
  • Digital promotion across The Globe and Globe Alliance partner sites, including Globe Response – CPC performance marketing media
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Globe Drive: Getting There Podcast sponsorship
Globe Drive: Getting There Podcast sponsorship

Lead the way for people to begin exploring again

Position your brand as a thought-leader and align your brand with our forward-thinking Globe editorial podcasts. Canadian audiences love listening to our podcasts:

  • Globe readers are more likely to listen to podcasts daily (i126), and are also more likely to search for, or purchase, a brand after audio ad exposure (i129)
  • Globe editorial podcasts are consistently in the top 20% of global podcasts, based on plays in the first 45 days
  • Listeners are highly satisfied and engaged with our content, rating Stress Test 4.7/5 stars, Industry Interrupted 4.5/5 stars and I’ll Go First 4.3/5 stars on Apple

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Get complete information about how partnering with the Globe Media Group builds your strongest connection to Canada.

Globe Drive: Getting There Podcast sponsorship

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