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Introducing Context Control.

For brands, News is both an essential platform to connect with valuable audiences, and it can be a complex environment to manage campaigns. So how can you ensure your brands appears in brand-safe content and also maximize your audience connection within the most relevant and beneficial environments?

The Globe uses Context Control to determine the true value of content, utilizing Natural Language Processing technology to understand content in the same way people do. By detecting the subtle nuances that influence the value for audiences and the suitability for brand alignment, we enhance the performance of your marketing by utilizing a wide range of contextual signals, including targeting the ideal consumer sentiment.

Context Control
Context Control

Evolve your marketing strategy

Context Control’s targeting systems understand the crucial difference in the meaning of words and their surrounding context, for example: Top 5 Company Stock vs. Beef Stock.  With these capabilities, your marketing strategy can move away from outdated brand safety solutions, that suffer from:

  • Massive keyword lists that merely confirm if a word is on a page not the true value of the content and sentiment
  • Lack of scale from keywords and blocklists that bluntly exclude large volumes of valuable inventory
  • Inability for you to keep up with constantly changing news topics, trends and opinions
  • No real-time targeting so you’re not connecting with consumers at the exact moment they are open to hearing your message

Tap into the power of context

Context Control enables you to access:

  • Sophisticated, customizable targeting strategies that focus on brand fit and consumer relevance ​to suit your brand requirements
  • Audience scale that delivers valuable new customers across The Globe’s digital ecosystem and the Globe Alliance Network previously blocked by keyword lists 
  • Real-time connection to consumers, ensuring your message is seen at the exact time our readers are interested in relevant information
  • Flexibility to react to breaking news, trending topics and consumer opinions
  • Feedback and insights to determine sentiment that resonates with your target audience and to guide your delivery of custom content and creative
Context Control

Connect with more of the audiences you want, in the contextual relevance your brand needs. 

Available now in The Globe and across our Globe Alliance network, connect with your representative to learn how Canada’s leading journalism and Context Control can make the difference for your brand, and your next marketing campaign.

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Context Control

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