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Cannes so far

Monique Gamache – Design Director, WAX
Twitter: @mgamache


A few words from our judging chair Andy Payne started our day. “Design” he said, is at the centre of the universe. I couldn’t agree more. From there, he gave us his philosophy on judging good work. I.C.E. Idea. Craft. Experience. Above all, will it change the world? — this came in handy. It’s simple and effective.

Overall the day was good. We looked at branding and packaging. There was some really nice work and some that was well, not nearly as nice. A couple of entries were printed so beautifully they almost hurt to touch. Other entries shimmered and changed colours as I flipped the page. Stunning. One thing that struck me was the number of really great ideas that were executed poorly. Heartbreaking.

There are about twenty of us design jurors. Most of the women are entrepreneurs who own their own businesses. It’s pretty lofty company to keep. It’s also fabulous being surrounded by a bunch of designers who are into the same things as me. Who understand my love of the smell of ink on paper. It’s not everyday you get to geek out this much over paper stock. I’m cherishing every moment. I’ve also found it extremely interesting (and strangely comforting) to find out that agencies in Frankfurt experience the same challenges seducing talent that we do in Calgary.


It’s poster day. The walls and floors are lined with the kind of work that makes me so happy. Like crazy happy. The work from Japan is amazing. As usual. Big, beautifully crafted posters. I’d love to be able to print on paper so thin. I’m on my way to the rooftop to meet the rest of the jury for a post judging drink. We don’t discuss everything as a group until day four. I’m hoping all of my favourite things make it through. Canada has some strong work and should be very proud. It definitely stands out in the mix.

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