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A note from the Editor-In-Chief

Some journalists choose their calling because of a love of writing. From explanatory to investigative, piercing to heart wrenching, styles vary.

Others deliver their eyes on the world through the lens of a phone or a camera, to capture a moment in time so that it can be seen, shared, discussed and provoke.

Whether it is news, business, domestic or international, journalists are driven by a common desire, armed with integrity and no small slice of courage. To succeed, we must be ethical, have a clear and achievable objective, be relentless in our pursuit and recognise at all times our assumptions may be wrong.

We know our value rests on the shoulders of those motivated to pursue these goals: our journalists. And, sometimes, that dogged determination is felt across our country.

It has again been a remarkable year at The Globe and Mail. As the New Year, a federal election year, begins, we will offer more of that bravery, good writing and commentary. Thank you for joining us on our daily journey.

David Walmsley
Editor-In-Chief, The Globe and Mail

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