Deliver faster, smarter and more engaging Digital advertising.

To ensure we’re delivering the best possible Digital experience for our readers, we’ve been making some changes to update our advertising specifications, to adhere to the IAB Standard New Ad Unit Portfolio. One of the main features of this new portfolio are the LEAN principles. 

Delivering a fast site experience is a key factor in maintaining attention – for both readers and advertisers – and we are working to ensure our site continues to provide the optimal experience the public demands. In particular, the principles focus on delivering lightweight file sizes to minimize any delay during initial page load, in addition to providing guidance about non-invasive advertising for a better user experience.

Our digital specs now reflect these guidelines – with a key change to reduce the initial load weight of your files. We will be actively monitoring all creative to ensure your files adhere to these guidelines and will advise you if any changes need to be made to meet these new specifications.

For complete information about our advertising capabilities, please explore our Creative Formats gallery and our Specifications sections.

Need help to build great Digital ads?

Collaborate with our Globe Content Studio, who are experts in building powerful Digital creative that adheres to the IAB guidelines – while delivering impactful, engaging advertising.