Where you place your message is just as important as what you have to say. It can ensure that the right audience sees it, and more importantly, that they believe it.

At Globe Media Group, we know context matters, because journalism matters.

Trust the source

The Globe’s journalism has never been:


Our commitment and investment in the future of journalism:

  • Canada’s most awarded newsroom
  • Expanding US bureaus in New York, D.C and now California.

Our award-winning journalists delve into some of Canada’s most pressing issues and the world’s most impactful stories, including:

  • The fentanyl epidemic
  • Soldiers battling the effects of PTSD
  • Ottawa’s defence of cancer-causing asbestos
  • Medical marijuana
  • The Syrian refugee crisis

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Trust the source
Trust the source

Independent research shows that advertisers benefit from aligning their brands with quality journalism.
The environment in which you choose to advertise can impact your brand perception by +/-30%†

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Trust the source
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Trust the source

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