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The Globe’s automotive coverage has built our trusted reputation as an essential resource to guide the car buying and ownership experience. Each week, we deliver authoritative, independent reviews and explore emerging trends, making us both an engaging read and a valuable buying guide for our readers.

Explore below to learn how your brand can own the conversation around the latest models, emerging trends and new technology, across our platforms and aligned with your marketing plans.

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Globe Drive runs on Fridays, as a stand-alone section in our Metro edition and Nationally, once a quarter.
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In-depth reviews


Each week, we feature the latest new car reviews and recommendations – from small cars to luxury vehicles – technology, entertainment and travel.

  • Face Off – comparing two vehicles in the same segment
  • A Week With – exploring the true ownership experience
  • Buying Used – how used cars meet specific owner needs
  • Deals of the Week – unhaggle’s CEO, Andrew Tai delivers new car deals, highlighting incentives and offers for in-market buyers


High-profile features


Drive features Canada’s best line-up of automotive journalists, who deliver engaging, insightful and entertaining articles.
  • Main feature – exploring auto trends and opinions
  • Curbed – Matt Bubbers on automotive trends
  • Classic Cars – collectables and cars with character
  • Lou’s Garage – Lou Trottier provides mechanical advice


Special editions

Attract an audience of engaged readers and in-market vehicle shoppers in our focused sections and special reports, throughout the year.

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Custom vehicles

Partner with us to build unique sponsorships, produce your branded media and integrate direct marketing into highly effective campaigns.

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Creative options

To enhance your brand’s message and deliver your campaign with impact, choose from our newspaper ad formats.

Report on Business and Style Advisor magazine
Individually, or as part of a larger campaign, advertising in Style Advisor and Report on Business magazines presents your automotive brand to our affluent, engaged audience while they spend their valuable time with each issue.


Your brand will appear in beautifully designed environment, where the advertising closely reflects the desirable demographics of our core readership, as well as the quality content it appears alongside.

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Creative options

To enhance your brand’s message and deliver your campaign with impact, choose from our magazine ad formats.

Showcase your brand in premium sponsorships and content adjacencies

Globe Drive has been refreshed to help Canadians with their car buying journey
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In-depth reviews

Online, we feature the best in automotive news, car culture features, auto show coverage, along with searchable new car reviews and extensive video content.

  • Technology – Exploring new technologies that enhance the driving experience
  • Ex Machina – Peter Cheney’s weekend column on cult cars
  • Driving Concerns – Jason Tchir answers questions on driving behaviour, the law, regulations and insurance

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High-profile video features

Video is an essential platform to reach buyers in the research process. Our pre-roll and new, in-article video empowers you to reach consumers within our engaging content.

  • Road Test – a video series with drives that test manufacturer marketing claims
  • Gadgets – the best in accessories and aftermarket devices
  • The 360° Experience – taking readers on immersive test drives using 360° video

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Extend your reach


Deliver your message across the Globe Alliance to access over 19 million Canadian UVs across our News, Business and Lifestyle sites.

  • Only we give you access to world-class publishers like Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, Elle, Esquire and Road & Track
  • Increase your reach within relevant content channels, including News, Business, Automotive, Lifestyle and Entertainment.
  • Access sophisticated audience targeting and premium branding opportunities including a range of high impact sponsorships.

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Convert readers into buyers

This summer, we’re implementing new technology to help convert more readers into prospective buyers

  • We are creating a seamless purchasing experience for car buyers to explore your models and navigate directly to a great deal.
  • Our new publishing system allows you to convey your expertise directly to audiences across Canada – in your own words.


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