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Legalizing cannabis was just the beginning of the story. How are Canadians reacting and how will the industry grow and evolve?

Partner with us to own the Cannabis conversation and position your brand as the thought leader in this fast growing sector.

Cultivating the Cannabis conversation

As Canada’s most authoritative news media brand, The Globe has quickly become the destination for information on Cannabis legalization and its impact on social, political, business, investing and lifestyle activity across our country.

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The Globe has published approximately 300 articles on cannabis in the past year.

Cannabis in news, business, health and investing are top performing categories.

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Average cannabis-related page views are 4x that of other Globe content.

Time spent on cannabis features averages nearly two minutes, exceeding our benchmark.

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The new
Cannabis Hub

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Cannabis Decoded Event Series

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Cannabis Decoded Reports

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The Cannabis Hub

Launched in early July, our new Cannabis Hub is built as a complete ecosystem that enables readers to explore the depth of our coverage in one engaging experience.

  • All Cannabis-related news and Globe editorial features are presented in six, high-interest, key subsections
  • First-ever feature hub format, with a mix of general access and subscriber-only content.
  • New Explainer-style article format encourages continuous reading flow within topic sections and drivers to relevant cannabis article pages

Cannabis Hub Topics

The Globe’s audience team has determined the highest interest topic categories
based on data, SEO and social-media analysis.

Law & Regulation

What are the emerging laws and implications?


Who runs Cannabis companies? Can they be trusted?
What are the economic impacts of legalization?

Health & Science

Is Cannabis safe? Is it addictive?
What are the long-term effects?


Advice on Cannabis opportunities.
When is the right time to buy? Which stocks?


Government licensing issues. What’s in your weed? Personal grow ops.


How to educate your children.
How to respond when they ask about Cannabis.


Cannabis Decoded
Event Series

We’ll unpack the issues and provide vital clarity for a diverse audience of political and business leaders and active investors – who are all seeking the balanced, informed view that The Globe provides.

  • Hosted at our world-class event space in Toronto
  • Attracting a diverse audience of 200+ business, political and investing professionals
  • Featuring engaging keynote presentations

Cannabis Decoded topics

Beginning in August, The Globe will snap the legalization issues into focus with a five-event series that features top experts and analysts from the U.S., Canada and beyond.

What will (really) happen
when Cannabis is legalized?

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Heading into the era of legalized Cannabis, predictions for the outcome are all over the map. This kick-off event will drill down into what policy makers, municipalities and public health and safety agencies should anticipate, based on outcomes in U.S states and other countries.

Cannabis and
the workplace

Tuesday, October 9

How should employers reshape HR policy to cover legalized Cannabis? From claims of addiction to on-the-job-safety, we’ll explore how to face many new challenges, like how to investigate potential impairment, and how to effectively communicate programs and policies to staff.

Investing in

January, 2019

Should investors jump into the Cannabis market or take a more prudent approach, watching the mergers and acquisitions, and evolving regulatory frameworks?

This event will pinpoint the best way to invest in Cannabis, while providing a market overview and outlook.

The business and branding
of Cannabis

April, 2019

How can Cannabis companies build a brand that connects with customers while complying with product claims laws and branding restrictions?

Further up the supply chain, what new opportunities are emerging for food and beverage manufacturers and consumer goods companies, and how can they profit?

Parenting and education in the
era of legalized Cannabis

June, 2019

Legalized Cannabis has many youth and education advocates —along with parents — worry about increased access to Cannabis for minors. What are the best protective strategies for parents and educators?

Have existing regulations and access restrictions been working and what can we learn from other jurisdictions?


Cannabis Decoded

Starting in August, we are producing five editorial special reports that align perfectly with the timing and topics of our event series. 

They represent engaging marketing platforms to augment your editorial hub and event sponsorships or as standalone opportunities too.


Cannabis Decoded 

National and international experts provide a pre-legalization blueprint for Canadians

Ad Close: Friday, July 27
Material Due: Friday, August 3
Insertion Date: Friday, August 24


Cannabis and the Workplace

A look at how HR professionals are
responding to cannabis legalization

Ad Close: September 21
Material Due: September 28
Insertion Date: October 19


Investing in Cannabis

Ad Close: December 21
Material Due: January 4
Insertion Date: January 25


Cannabis Business
and Branding

Ad Close: March 22
Material Due: March 29
Insertion Date: April 19


Parenting and Education in the age of Legalized Cannabis

Ad Close: May 17
Material Due: May 24
Insertion Date: June 14

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