The Globe and Mail. Redesigned.

By Globe Media Group

Several years ago, we made the decision to invest heavily in a deeper understanding of our audience. Who are they? When and how do they access our content? What do they read? How do they interact with your ads?

To answer these crucial questions, we created Sophi, an advanced audience intelligence planning tool, and created a user experience team to delve into the best ways to present our content and advertising.

At the same time, we began our technological transformation. We were the first media company in Canada to move to Arc, the Washington Post’s state-of-the-art digital content platform. Arc provides us with the capabilities that our reporters need to deliver award-winning journalism across all platforms and new tools that allow our marketing partners to connect with our growing digital audience.

Now we’re seeing the results of that intense work.

Based on the data gathered from our deep audience analysis and insights, we’re launching the next evolution of all our platforms. All were designed with a unified focus: to provide the ideal foundation to support our world-class journalism and provide an incredible reader experience.

Now live across our desktop and mobile platforms and featuring completely redeveloped iOS and Android apps, we’re seeing strong gains in reader engagement and response to new responsive ad units that work seamlessly across all ad platforms

Our new newspaper, launching Friday, December 1, also takes advantage of these same insights and allows for exceptional cross-platform sponsorship.

What makes this transformation so exciting is that it’s based on the reader data and deep audience insights we’ve been generating from our propriety tools. We don’t guess at what our audience wants—we know.

That knowledge brings additional power to our advertising products, with better engagement and measurability, leading to stronger insights and greater ROI.

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