Real Time Bidding

The Globe’s Private Exchange offers RTB access to inventory from the Globe and Mail and our Alliance partner digital properties. Upon being connected, you’ll enjoy first-look access to all available non-guaranteed inventory. What’s more, you’ll enjoy complete transparency to content adjacency and placement, allowing you to buy informed and with confidence.

Private Exchange – powered by Appnexus – is connected to virtually every bidding partner in the display ecosystem, so agencies can easily be set up to programmatically buy display, video and mobile impressions.

Our system is the perfect complement to the direct-sold Globe Digital and Globe Alliance* campaigns that successfully drive impact and awareness and provides efficient access to over 7.5 million highly influential Canadian readers**.

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To learn more about Private Exchange, please contact Steve Melles at or call 416-585-5683.

* The Globe Alliance includes Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Forbes, Reuters and the Washington Post
** Comscore MediaMetrix 3 month average to September 2013