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The Globe Digital Network includes our Globe websites, our mobile sites and apps on Smartphones and tablets, extensive video content, email marketing and social media.

Connect with over 4 million Canadians every month, where readers turn to us for the quality News, Business and Lifestyle coverage that only we can provide. Extend your reach to 18 million Canadians across Globe Alliance, our exclusive network of world-class digital publishers – Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, The Washington Post, ABC News video, The Guardian, Elite Daily, Us Weekly and Rolling Stone.

Engage your ideal consumers with sophisticated audience targeting and premium branding opportunities in Canada’s leading source of digital news and information.

Globe DigitalGlobe Digital

Every day, we deliver breaking news, interactive storytelling and extensive video content to create a richly immersive and compelling environment for both readers and advertisers alike.


Every month, we attract 4 million unique visitors per month–more than any other individual newspaper site. Our engaged audience produces 64 million page views every month.


Explore our content sections and advertising opportunities below.

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Globe Mobile

Globe Mobile

The Globe’s apps and mobile-optimized site deliver the news and information our readers need–headlines, market updates, sports scores, fashion and health advice–directly to their iPhone, iPad or other Smartphone.


Over 40% of Globe Digital traffic now arrives from mobile devices. Each month we attract 3.6 million unique visitors, who generate 43 million page views. More than ever, mobile is an essential platform to reach our audience effectively.


Learn more on our mobile and app page or select from the options below.

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Source: Omniture, 3-Month Average to June 2013
Globe Video

A new Globe Video experience

Reach our engaged video audience across our web, mobile and app platforms, using existing broadcast-quality promotional materials to build brand awareness and strengthen your messaging with supporting ad creative.


We publish over 18,000 videos per year, featuring Reuters, CTV and BNN content. We also produce more than 3,000 unique Globe videos, covering every interest – news, business, investing, fashion and beauty and much more.


We’ve launched a new Globe Video viewing experience, featuring our video shows and channels, with new advertising opportunities across our digital platforms.


For complete information, please click here.

Globe Alliance
The Globe and Mail has exclusively partnered with world-class digital publishers (The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Reuters, Forbes, The Washington Post, ABC News video, Us Weekly, Rolling Stone), Elite Daily and Hearst Digital Media to create Globe Alliance, your preeminent connection to over 18 million online Canadians, every month.


Extend your reach and build your brand with sophisticated audience targeting abilities and premium branding opportunities including a range of high impact sponsorship packages.


Learn more on our Globe Alliance page or select a specific partner below.


Globe Private Exchange

The Globe’s Private Exchange offers RTB access to inventory from The Globe and Mail and our Alliance partner digital properties. Enjoy first-look access to all available non-guaranteed inventory and complete transparency to content adjacency and placement, allowing you to buy informed and with confidence.


Private Exchange – powered by Appnexus – is connected to virtually every bidding partner in the display ecosystem, so agencies can easily be set up to programmatically buy our display, video and mobile impressions.


For more information, contact Steve Melles at | 416-585-5683.

Globe Emails

Email marketing is a highly effective way to connect directly to The Globe’s readership at home, at work and on their mobile devices.


With over 1.2 million newsletters distributed each week, our editorial and advertiser-exclusive emails deliver great content and advertising opportunities to a receptive audience that has opted to receive communications from us.


Learn more on our email marketing page.

Source: Globe stats

Connect with a highly social readership

A large number people connect with The Globe using social media throughout their day. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn all contribute to our engaging community experience.

  • 640,000 million monthly referrals from Facebook
  • 436,000 monthly referrals from Twitter

Source: Globe stats

Experience The Globe across social media in the sites below.

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Reach your target audience

Connect with your ideal consumers through a powerful combination of contextual placement and precision-targeted delivery, presenting your brand to the most receptive audience.

Achieve far greater campaign effectiveness and efficiency by reaching more of your desired audience, across Globe Digital properties and Alliance sites. Select or define the ideal audience segments that match your strategy and target by behaviour, interests and purchase intent. Leverage a combination of Globe and 3rd-party data to refine your deployment tactics or build scale.


Reach your ideal consumers among our highly-engaged Globe Unlimited subscribers, high net worth readers, Business Decision Makers, auto intenders/enthusiasts and many other valuable segments.

Audience Attributes

Digital audience targeting

Interest Category – Reach a broad audience that is aligned to specific interests
Prospecting – test and learn about how audiences respond to your campaign parameters
Look-a-like – build scale by identifying and reaching additional consumers that match your conversion/engagement criteria


Audience Behaviour

Predictive – build inferred audiences based on behavioural pattern matching

Sequencing – deliver an evolving message to your audience, increasing frequency to grow awareness

Retargeting – reach consumers who previously engaged with your brand and push for conversion

Socially Engaged – engage audiences that arrive from social media with your message


Take your brand message deeper with content that aligns with your product or service. Stand out alongside popular and relevant editorial features and journalists. Deepen engagement through custom content and articles integrated into your promotional materials.
Align your branding with our destination journalism – flagship content sections, unique editorial features and key interactive elements – anchor positions for maximum brand impact. They offer:

  • Locations within appropriate content sections (e.g. Business, Life, Sports, Technology etc)
  • Consistent traffic with more accurate impression delivery
  • Consistent readership by defined target audiences
  • Pricing by impression or period of time
Content Affinities
Associate your advertising with the most contextually relevant content, enhancing your alignment with keyword and search term targeting.
Custom Content and Information Features
Position your brand within specialized editorial content and information, in both our digital and print products.

Reach readers at key times in the day, when our website traffic peaks and fine-tune the deployment of your ads to target Canadians by regional location.

  • Geo-location Serve specific ad creative to based on the visitor’s physical location.
  • Device Reach audiences by device type – desktop web, mobile site, operating system (iOS, Android, BlackBerry), Globe Apps, full website on iPad.
  • Day Parting Serve your advertising at chosen (peak traffic) times throughout the day.
  • Frequency Capping Extend the life-span of your program by allocating specific numbers of impressions per day
  • Run of Network Your ads reach a broad audience by displaying across our sites (according to positional availability) until a maximum number of impressions has been reached.

Delivering results

In addition to our commitment to quality and effectiveness, another principle we take very seriously is accountability. Regardless of the size of your campaign, we can create a tracking program to help monitor and quantify the effectiveness of your advertising in ways other media measurement simply can’t match.

To help you spend and track your Digital advertising dollars more effectively, The Globe is now the first Canadian publisher to offer Moat Analytics across our online properties.



Traditionally, campaign success hinges on simple measures, such as impressions and clicks. MOAT Analytics provides 25 additional measurements into the effectiveness of your creative, including In-View Rate, In-View Time, Attention Quality, Time to Touch. Importantly, MOAT allows optimization of brand tactics and creative by clearly highlighting what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to make refinements during your campaign.

We’ve seen some amazing insights. Ads running on Globe sites receive an average of 37.4 seconds of in-view time. That’s 19 seconds more than MOAT’s benchmark average. In fact, yesterday across, ads were viewed for a cumulative time of 1,292 hours. That’s equivalent to delivering over 155,000 30-second TV spots in one day.
MOAT Analytics are included as part of sponsorship campaigns across our sites and Alliance properties – including Forbes, Reuters, The Guardian, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal and ABC News.

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