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The Custom Content Group puts the capabilities of Canada’s most prestigious media company to work for you. Each day, we engage millions of influential Canadians with engaging content across multiple platforms. That’s power that we bring to your brand.

Collaborate with us to develop fresh, innovative and brand building ideas. Combine your owned, paid and earned media with custom product development, strategic partnerships, product promotion, social media and live events.

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Custom editorial content

With custom editorial content, our award-winning journalists, photographers and designers produce content that halos an advertiser’s message and around which the advertiser’s brand ads can be positioned.


We maintain complete editorial independence and content control to safeguard the editorial integrity we’ve long been known for.

Sponsor features

Sponsor Features – or advertorials – offer clients a greater degree of control over the message.


These dedicated pages, content series or stand-alone sections can run in print, online, and come to life through events. The content is written, designed and produced by freelancers hired by The Globe’s team.


The Globe and Mail’s in-house Branded Content group.

Branded content is the art of using storytelling to attract and engage your consumers and prospects. We tell your brand’s story, across branded magazines, web and mobile, video, events and social media conversations – all produced with the same approach to quality journalism that you find in The Globe and Mail every day.

Whether you’re looking to educate your target, build engagement, drive to purchase or retain loyalty, the Globe Edge team will ensure you achieve the direct connection you need.

Led by an award-winning team of editors at The Globe and Mail, we draw upon our trusted network of writers, designers, photographers and videographers to create your content. Plus, we have access to Canada’s top leaders and influencers.  We provide a simple, stress-free process from big idea to your finished product.


Simon Beck


A graduate of Oxford University, Simon was a parliamentary correspondent with Thomson in the U.K., and a news editor and Washington correspondent for the South China Morning Post, before joining the Globe nine years ago.
As the former Arts editor and the current Globe Drive editor, his content strategies reach deeply into pillars including automotive, large-enterprise business, health, higher education and executive education.

Steve Tustin


In an illustrious 22-year career at The Toronto Star, Steve filled virtually every senior editorial role, from news editor to assistant managing editor. He has extensive experience in content strategies that are tailored to niche and ethnic communities, including Asian and Southeast Asian readers, and has edited publications tailored to those audiences.
He also has depth of experience in luxury lifestyle areas including high-net-worth investing, entrepreneurship, automotive, real-estate, golf and other sports, and travel.

Experiential Marketing and Events

To put your target in touch with your brand, the Globe Edge team organizes must-attend retail events, parties and conversations with today’s most engaging personalities.


Whether local, national or online, Globe Edge will plan, manage and execute your B2B or B2C function to drive engagement, stimulate trial or generate leads.


Globe Connect Reports

View Globe Connect Editorial ReportsWe publish a full range of editorial reports that explore a range of subjects, from technology to tax advice, education to the environment. We maintain complete editorial independence and control over the content, to safeguard our editorial integrity that we’ve long been known for.

Globe Connect Sponsor Features

View Globe Connect Sponsor FeaturesOur Sponsor Features offer you a focused context for your brand messaging, covering a broad range of categories – from real estate to retail rewards, health advice to luxury travel. The content is advertorial and written, designed and produced by a select group of freelancers, to the same quality standards as Globe features.

Recent Awards

  • Canadian University Report magazine was awarded
    Bronze in the Best School/University Publication category.
    2014 CMA awards
  • Gold for KPMG's inBusiness magazine in the Best New Publication
    and Best Design, New Publication categories.
    2014 CMA awards
  • Grey Goose's HOST magazine was awarded Gold in the
    Best New Production or Publication Launch category.
    2014 CMA awards
  • Silver award for Channer's London and Waterloo magazines
    in the Best Retail Publication category.
    2013 CMA awards
  • Silver award for our Nissan Canada Special U.S. Elections Globe Edition
    in the Best Supplement category.
    2013 CMA awards
  • Silver award for PwC UP Front magazine in
    Best Financial Services Publication category
    The 2013 Magnum Opus awards
  • PwC UP Front magazine was awarded Bronze
    in the most improved publication category.
    The 2013 Pearl Awards
  • The Spring issue of Sunnybrook magazine was awarded Gold
    in the Best Special Issue magazine category.
    The 2013 Pearl Awards

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Our team will collaborate with you to develop fresh, innovative, brand-building ideas. We’ll seamlessly combine your owned, paid and earned media with custom product development, strategic partnerships, product promotion, social media and live events.

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Director, Brand Partnership Group

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