2017 Winners Gallery

The Globe and Mail’s 2017 Young Lions and Young Marketers Qualifying Competitions comprised of 383 teams, a record high! Vying for the chance to compete at the official Young Lions and Young Marketers competitions in Cannes.

The non-profit that was selected this year was Samara Canada. Samara Canada is dedicated to reconnecting citizens to politics. Established as a charity in 2009, they have become Canada’s most trusted, non-partisan champion of increased civic engagement and a more positive public life.

The competitors were tasked with helping Samara to make politics relevant again and to encourage the youth to get more involved and seeing the value of democracy. There were some great pieces that were created this year, see below for the most notable and the winning teams work.

As Canada’s only official representative, The Globe and Mail sponsors each winning Gold team to attend the Festival, and represent Canada in the Cannes Young Lions and Young Marketers competitions, June 17 to 24.

Everyone at The Globe and Mail would like to extend a warm round of applause to all the young creative and strategic thinkers who participated this year, and made the competitions a great success.

We also wish to thank this year’s judges who took time out from their busy schedules – we couldn’t have done it without their invaluable insight and contributions.

Congratulations to everyone who entered the 2017 competitions.

The Globe and Mail Young Lions Print Winners

Gold Print
Stephanie Bibeau, Copywriter – Tank
Étienne Goulet, Art Director- Tank
Gold Print Winner

Silver Print
Michael Mehrasa Copywriter, TAXI Canada Ltd
Alyssa Jongsma, Art Director, TAXI Canada Ltd.
Silver Print Winner
Bronze Print
Geeta Chopra, Freelance Strategist/Consulant, Geeta Chopra Consulting
Gina Nasuti, Account Supervisor, Behaviour Inc.
Bronze Print Winner

The Globe and Mail Young Lions Cyber Winners

Gold Cyber
Jordan Gladman, Art Director, Sid Lee
Alex Boland, Senior Designer, Sid Lee
Gold Cyber Winner

Silver Cyber
Shane Rodak, Copywriter, J. Walter Thompson Canada
Alec Carluen, Art Director, J.Walter Thompson Canada
Silver Cyber Winner

The Globe and Mail Young Lions Film Winners

Gold Film
Jake Bundock, Art Director, Rethink
Andrew Chhour, Copywriter, Rethink

Silver Film
Layton Wu, Copywriter, DenstuBos
Tyler McKissick, Art Director, Open. A creative company

Bronze Film
Lorne Heller, Copywriter, Juniper Park/TBWA
Justin Luu, Art Director, Juniper Park/TBWA

The Globe and Mail Young Lions Media Winners

Gold Media
Jessica Burnie, Visual Communications Director, Media Experts
Elizabeth McPhedran, Communications Manager, Media Experts
Gold Media Winner

Silver Media
Russell Cross, Senior Communications Designer, Initiative
Dylan Montcalm, Account Manager, Adobe (TubeMogul)
Silver Media Winner

Bronze Media
Brent MacKinnon, Digital Marketing Strategist Time + Space Media
BeckyAnne Brydon, Digital Strategist, Time+Space Media

The Globe and Mail Young Marketers Winners

Gold Young Marketers
Michael Alaimo, Marketing Manager, Gatorade, Pepsi Beverages Canada
Christian Alaimo, Associate Marketing Manager, Away From Home, PepsiCo Beverages Canada
Gold Young Marketers Winner

Silver Young Marketers
Telis Carayannakis, Brand Manager, Budweiser, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Michael Holmes, Senior Associate Brand Manager, Old Spice, Procter & Gamble
Silver Young Marketers Winner

Bronze Young Marketers
Kevin De Gruijter, Assistant Brand Manager- Bud Light, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Kristina McCaughey, Associate Brand Manager, Stella Artois, Labatt Breweries of Canada
Bronze Young Marketers Winner